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Meet the Man Making our Mission Possible

If you don’t know, now you know. Meet our Owner/Operator, Jeff Hayes. A lot has changed over these 25 years; one thing that hasn’t? Our mission: Helping Local Businesses Succeed 📈
His work ethic, passion for business and passion for people keeps the whole team going and keeps our “rolodex” rolling ☺️

TMS Digital - CCOC's Outstanding Business of the Month

Congratulations to TMS Digital on being named the Clayton Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Month for March 2021. The CCOC Business of the Month is selected by the CCOC Ambassador Committee from public nominations.

TMS Digital - CCOC's Outstanding Business of the Month

Congratulations to TMS Digital on being named the Clayton Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Month for April 2019. The CCOC Business of the Month is selected by the CCOC Ambassador Committee from public nominations.

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January 2020 Marketing Minute

"Why should I hire a marketing agency?" "Why can't I just build it myself?" Content is never free, you either pay for it with your time, or you pay for it with your money. You get to decide which is more valuable. When hiring a team of marketing professionals, you're hiring a team of experts, for the fraction of the price of an employee, and marketing consultants are constantly educating themselves on the latest updates and new trends. Do you have the time for that?

April Marketing Minute
Marketing Your Business During COVID-19

Your Digital Presence is the only connection to the outside world during the COVID-19 Shutdowns and Stay at Home orders.
• Marketing is even more important in uncertain times. Looking back at our country's history, (most recently the 2008 recession), the businesses that continued to invest in marketing, were the ones that not only survived, but thrived!
   >> If you’d like to hear about how to further spread your business’s reach online, let us know and we can discuss our services : Web Design/Development, Local SEO, Extended SEO, Social Media Marketing, AdWords etc (Scheduling on Zoom and FaceTime)
• During this shutdown, your digital presence is the only connection to your customers and your community. A strong digital presence allows you to continue to communicate with your customers, stay relevant, share important updates and schedule or request estimates online. *Restaurants and roofers, I'm talking to you!!

July Marketing Minute

Meet Craig, seasoned TMS team member and sales consultant. Coming to you from WhirliGig Park in Wilson, NC, Craig presents our July Marketing Minute reminding you about the importance of staying relevant on Facebook.

August Marketing Minute

Do you have a Twitter account for your business?? Don't forget to tweet at least once a week to stay relevant!

Social Media Marketing Minute

In August, TMS Digital doubled up on the free marketing advice. If you're utilizing social media for your local business, utilize ALL of social media. If you're on Instagram, use their stories and crosspost to Facebook! Make sure to tag your friends and use quality hashtags!

September Marketing Minute

Hello neighbors! Google loves when you utilize its tools. One of the free and useful tools Google makes available to you is the local 3 pack. This is how the majority of consumers are going to be finding your business online. If you do not yet have a verified Google Business Listing, don't know what it is, or just plain need help, give us a call today and TMS Digital will get you all squared away so you and your local business can start being found in the maps section on Google's SERP.

October Marketing Minute

Struggling to get more Google Reviews on your Google Business Listing?? Just ask! When you finish up with a client and can tell they're satisfied, just ask them to leave you a quick review online! Google recently made it even easier by introducing a short-code so you can text the review link to your past clients too! Google reviews help your ranking as well as encourage purchasing decision(s) for potential new clients! Increase your brand awareness and credibility by requesting a couple minutes of your happy clients' time!

November Marketing Minute

People oftentimes feel they should wait until “things pick up” to start their digital marketing campaign(s). Common misconception!! Start pushing HEAVY during your slower season so when “things pick up” you’re jamming!

Schedule Sit Down

December Marketing Minute

We get it. Your social media is easier to keep up with than a website - well, HELLO, that's where TMS Digital comes into play. Facebook and Instagram work great in conjunction with a responsive website. Facebook and Instagram are NOT a website. Google does not recognize these platforms to serve as a website and neither should you. There are professional and affordable digital marketing options (ahem TMS ahem) and marketing consultants in your neighborhood who are more than happy to sit down with you for a FREE digital review & consultation.

A Marketing Minute with TMS Digital

During our debut marketing minute, in June 2019, we’ll hear about everyone’s busy seasons, investing in yourself, branding 101, and how to keep your name in everyone’s mouth!

Automated Local Directory Listing Distribution

To learn even more about improving your listings, check out our Listing Management page. Why is this so important? It's the number one way to increase your website's SEO!!

Number One Way to Increase Your SEO

Ever wonder why your website isn't moving up in rankings as fast as you'd like it to? Well, let us explain to you why - with a couple jokes along the way. We put in laments terms the whole process to help you better understand how TMS Digital helps your business succeed online and in your budget. We've included the definition, process, humor, and testimonials, in order for you to understand the importance of not only Local SEO, but partnering with your Local Digital Marketing Company, TMS Digital! (and its neighboring branches such as Lone Star Digital Marketing of Cypress, TX, TMS Digital Goes West, of Portland, OR, TMS Digital Midwest of Louisville, KY & Ohio).

Can consumers find you?

Don't be the best business no one's ever heard of! Make your business accessible to YOUR customers by being where they are - the internet! If you're not easily found in search results (first page), then you may as well be invisible! Call TMS Digital today to get started on your digital marketing!