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Inbound digital marketing incorporates all the things you and your consumers love about the internet - social media!
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What is Inbound Digital Marketing?


It's exactly what it sounds like! We bring the customers in to you! Targeting your ideal clients via social media outlets by different demographics such as location, interests, age, and even job title(s) is the number one form of digital marketing over the past five years! Learn more below.
In just this past year, 366 million people started using social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Most people know (or are aware) of Social Media Marketing and its benefits to your business. TMS Digital captures your ideal audience through the use of Facebook and Instagram. While many small business owners have attempted a social media marketing campaign on their own, running a campaign with TMS Digital gives you more detailed options for demographics and interests.
  • 68% of all current adults use Facebook regularly
  • 74% check it daily
  • Most check it over 5x/day
  • Each user spends over 2 hours daily on social media
...your consumers are on social media, and you should be too!

Current Clients Advertisements for Inbound Marketing!

This Apex-based realtor is targeting clients most likely to move to Clayton using social media marketing. If you're looking to buy a home in Clayton in the next 3 months, look out for these ads to target you on your favorite social media platform!

Ready to utilize the Power of Social Media Marketing?

Businesses which utilize digital marketing stand to grow at a rate of 40% higher than those which don't. Fill out the Contact form below to schedule your free social media marketing consultation.

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